jeremie houdin


B-O-G-O-T-Á : No está tan fría (publication)

Bogotá urban discoveries for website (in Spanish)

Fotográfica Bogotá 2019 (exhibition)

Photos selected by the national photography museum of Colombia for exhibitions during the international biennial of photography - Bogota 2019.

Arte y Conflicto - Arcadia Magazine (photos publication)

My captures in the Arcadia Magazine about work made by artists Toxicomano and Erre for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). (in Spanish)

El colorido de Green Amarilla (publication)

Portrait of urban artist Green Amarilla for website. (in spanish)

Guía de fotografía urbana (publication)

Bogota street photography guide for website. (in spanish)

Empty Boy – Provocación discreta (publication)

Portrait of urban artist Empty Boy for website. (in spanish)

Aquí falta alguien Project (publication)

Article on the of artists Toxicomano and Erre for the project "Aqui Falta Algien" supported by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) (in Spanish)

Bogotá, Capital Mundial de la Bici (photos publication)

Photos selected by Tribu+Na Cultural magazine for their special cycling edition. (photo)

Club Concorde photo contest (contest/exhibition)

Third place in the contest organized by the french business club of Bogotá.(photos)

En Colombie, un repas sans viande? Vous n’y pensez pas! (Publication)

Crossed look regarding the meat in Colombia for CrossWorlds magazine. (in French)

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